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Pulkovo Airport: Top-7 of 2013

Northern Capital Gateway LLC, Pulkovo Airport operator, summarized the major results of 2013.

On December 4, 2013 new passenger Terminal-1 of Pulkovo Airport opened its doors for the first passengers. The first flight to Dusseldorf was performed by Rossiya Airlines.

Passenger flow had the total enrolment of 12.854.366 people, that is 15.2% more that in 2012. Passenger flow on international flights increased by 14.1% while on domestic flights it increased by 16.6%. On September 7, the busiest day of 2013, the airport served 58.000 passengers. Maximum number of take-offs and landings, e.g. 604, was recorded on June 19, 2013.

Direct flights between Russia and Iceland were opened for the fist time in our history. Icelandair, the major air carrier of Iceland, began performing direct regular flights from St. Petersburg to Reykjavik.

Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) carried out a research aiming to find out the attitude of Pulkovo Airport passengers to the airport services. Respondents highly appreciated the work of personnel, e.g. 76% of them marked “Excellent/Good”.

Pulkovo Airport continued equipment modernization programme. The airport invested over 340 million rubles in acquiring new special means of transport. It helped to increase the level and quality of passenger service.

In 2013 Pulkovo Airport got several prestigious international and Russian awards. It was recognized as the best airport of CIS countries in terms of aviation marketing (prize of Routes CIS Marketing Awards). Reconstruction and development project of Pulkovo Airport was one of the best projects of state and private partnerships in the world (award of International Financial Corporation and Infrastructure Journal).

Northern Capital Gateway LLC became one of the top ten employers of St. Petersburg offering its employees the best social package according to Morgan Hunt.

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