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How to get?

Pulkovo Airport is within 15 km from the centre of St. Petersburg. You can easily get to the city (Moskovskaya metro station is the nearest), using city bus or a shuttle bus. For those who prefer private transport the airport offers several parking options.

New Centralized Passenger Terminal instead of Pulkovo-1

Both international and domestic flights will be served in the new centralized passenger terminal of Pulkovo Airport.

City bus

Bus runs between Moskovskaya metro station, Pulkovo-2 terminal and new centralized passenger terminal when arriving from the metro station. On the way back bus goes from centralized passenger terminal to Moskovskaya metro station.
• The bus plies every 11-14 minutes from 5.25 a.m. to 1.45 a.m.
The trip takes 30-35 minutes.
Bus stop is between the exits of arrival zone of the new centralized passenger terminal.
Bus ticket costs 25 roubles, baggage ticket is 25 roubles.

Shuttle bus

Shuttle bus goes between the new centralized passenger terminal and Moskovskaya metro station. Shuttle bus stop is between the exits of arrival zone of the new centralized passenger terminal. 

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